Artist Statement

Words cannot adequately express what it’s like to go through life in the wrong body. The turbulence of confusion, desperation, fear, and isolation creates a sustained trauma from which I had found very little escape. But that all changed when I began to depict the fracture visually.


Jacob Clayton is a visual artist who uses photography, collage, and mixed media as means to examine gender identity, expression, and expectation – from every side.

His work has been exhibited recently in juried group shows at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT, Art in Bloom Gallery in Wilmington, NC, and the United Arts Council in Raleigh, NC. He is currently focused on Deprivation of Self, Portraits, a project that expands the vocabulary of photo-based art as he communicates what it has been like living for decades as a closeted transgender man in America.

Jacob, who is also a long-time web and graphic designer, as well as a musician, makes his home in North Carolina.